Foodie Review: Wu’s House Japanese Restaurant


I had been eye-ing Wu’s House for a couple of years, and now that it’s my birthday, I finally decided to go as we ease out of more COVID-19 restrictions. Unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with some illnesses so I can’t really go all out the way I want to, and there’s just too many people sitting in the Habachi area that I’m not comfortable sitting around to cheer on the Habachi chefs.

The dining area in Wu’s House is nice and social-distance and mask wearing is required. Thankfully, we had reservations as it was getting pretty crowded for a late Sunday afternoon. It appeared to be a few graduation celebrations too.

The drinks and food were mediocre. I can’t even remember the name of my drink. It may have been the White Peach Sangria. Whatever it was, it tasted water down. The food didn’t have enough flavor, and I don’t  know if it’s because I was getting over an illness or that I was comparing it to one of my favorite restaurants that was located down the street  – Chi Tung. When it comes down to Asian food, I’m a very finicky person. I may give it another try, but with the habachi grill when even more COVID restrictions are lifted. 

Wu's House - White Peach Sangria

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Wu's House - White Peach Sangria


Wu House

South Suburbs
2958 W. 95th Street
Evergreen Park, IL 60805

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