Recipe: Cajun and Lemon Pepper Salmon [Keto Friendly]

This salmon recipe is one of my favorite go-to meals on Sundays. It only takes about 17 – 20 minutes to complete. I usually serve the fish with pasta and sautéed cabbage or roasted asparagus. Plus if there are leftovers, I like to use the fish to make salmon croquettes! Quick and easy to make oven-baked salmon.

Soul Crab Chicago

UPDATE: As of February 10,  2020… Soul Crab Chicago closed, but if you can still read about my experience from the grand opening back in September 2019. I know, it’s only September, but I truly believe Soul Crab Chicago is the best southern dining restaurant I’ve visited in 2019! The food, the chef, the ambiance, the music… ok I could just go on and on with how much I love…

Batter & Berries

“Deliciousness”, “My Happy Place”, “Savoriness under the Sun” are just a few ways to describe Batter & Berries. Located in the trendy Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, it’s a nice go-to brunch spot, especially during the week, when the street parking is more accessible. Batter & Berries has its regular menu of pancakes, french toast, waffles, deconstructed omelets, and sandwiches, but the special items are found on its Instagram account….

Eppel’s Restaurant

It’s rare that I’m in the downtown area of Chicago, but when I do go, I usually like to visit a restaurant that has good food, convenient, and has cheap parking. Eppel’s Restaurant is all of that. Today was possibly my third visit to the location, and I was determined to get a Belgium waffle. It was also July 29th – National Chicken Wing Day, which means one of my…

Recipe: Brussel Sprouts and Bacon [Keto-Friendly]

I used to be afraid to cook brussel sprouts, basically because I didn’t think I knew what to do. After watching a few videos on YouTube and reading other blog sites, I was able to make this dish with a breeze.  Now brussel sprouts are one of my favorite veggies to cook as a quick side dish for the family.     Keto-friendly and low-carb vegetable side dish.