Foodie Review: Madison Park Kitchen


It’s a gloomy and rainy Saturday afternoon, and my parents and I have already tried to eat brunch at two restaurants in River Forest and Melrose Park. Both were extraordinarily crowded – like even beyond post-pandemic standards.  I recalled a nice quaint spot in Forest Park, called Madison Park Kitchen.  I called and asked the host how long was the wait time, and thankfully she says, “there’s no wait time”.  That was music to my ears! 

When we arrived, there was one parking spot available in front of the restaurant. However, if we weren’t able to grab that spot, there’s plenty of parking in the back. After fumbling around with my phone’s 5G network that apparently wasn’t working, I finally updated the Passport parking app and we were on our way to some deliciousness. 

Our waitress was quick with the coffee service as well as taking our orders.  My parents who have lived and driven near the region for years had never stopped in were admiring the interior. I knew right away this was another breakfast joint for the retirees. 

My dad ate every bite of the traditional eggs benedict that came with 2 pancakes, along with a side of bacon.  My mom ate the Chef’s special – two pancakes, two eggs, two pieces of bacon, two sausage links. 


Breakfast Skillet - Madison Park Kitchen

Me…all I really wanted was a breakfast skillet and Belgium waffle. I was able to create my own skillet by adding eggs, cheddar cheese, bacon, ham, and spinach. There was so much food, I had leftovers! 

To see what else is going on at Madison Park Kitchen, check out the video from Chicago’s Best below.

Madison Park Kitchen

Western Suburbs
7525 Madison Street
Forest Park, IL 60130


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