Foodie Review: La Mejikana


In 2023, I set a goal to visit one “new-to-me” Mexican restaurant each month. These restaurants have been around for years, but for some reason, I’ve never visited.  La Mejikana in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, is number ten on the list!  

La Mejikana

The food was so good, I visited twice within one month. There’s a nice local neighborhood vibe. The best part about going during the weeknight is there’s tons of street parking. If you arrive after 6pm on a weeknight, chances are you’ll miss the meter maid and you could try to skip paying the parking meter. 

La Mejikana

One issue I did have at the restaurant is they use QR codes to access the website. Even though I have the latest iPhone and on the Verizon cellular network, I had no cellular service. That happened during both visits. My husband has the latest Android, but is also on the Verizon network, and he had a very slow connection, but eventually was able to access the menu.  Since I didn’t want to wait, I asked the waiter to provide us a printed menu. 

La Mejikana - Mezcal Shrimp
Mezcal Shrimp

On to the food – again, everything was great and the flavors were bursting. I ate the Tampiqueña, which is a medium-well charbroiled skirt steak garnished with chimichurri salsa, and includes the papa frita (spiraled potatoes) and frijoles charros. This meal also include a traditional cheese enchilada.

La Mejikana - Tamiqueña

My husband ate the Pollito Ahogado which includes a prosciutto and chihuahua stuffed grilled chicken breast in creamy poblano salsa, Mexican styled rice, black beans and the papa frita.

La Mejikana - Pollito Ahogado
Pollito Ahogado

La Mejikana is a great place to go for happy hour or date night. There’s only a few entrees on the menu, but there’s plenty of shareables that would allow you to taste the whole menu.

La Mejikana
1820 S. Ashland Avenue
Chicago, IL 60608

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