Foodie Review: Grand Lux Café


It’s a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, and my husband asks where I would like to eat so he can make reservations. The exciting part about Valentine’s Day is this year it’s on a Thursday. My husband is off work on Wednesdays, and we can celebrate without worrying about the extra crowds! I quickly blurt out, “I want to go to the Grand Lux Café”! 

The Grand Lux Café is one of my favorite restaurants. It’s the upscale Cheesecake Factory, with the wonderful view of Chicago’s Magnificient Mile on Michigan Avenue; and since it’s February, the Christmas lights will be on display. Unfortunately, they do not accept reservations, but that’s okay, we don’t have to worry, it’s a weeknight! It’s been about four years since my last visit. I was so excited to walk in and get a seat within 5 minutes of our arrival. During my last visit, we sat on the stairwell with about 30 people waiting to get a seat!

Just as I hoped, the host sat us near the window so that I had a winter view of Michigan Avenue. The mood lighting was nice but dark, and I was conflicted with thinking my photos on Instagram won’t have great lighting!

I ordered my favorite appetizer, the Asian Nachos. It basically fried wontons that serve as nachos. It’s topped with chicken, peanut sauce, cheese, green onions, and wasabi – which gives it an extra kick, and in the middle is a heaping of flavorful rice. 

My usual go to for dinner is the Indochine Shrimp and Chicken, but this time, I elected to get the fried chicken. I know! I know! I waited years to come back here, and I get the fried chicken! I’m so glad I changed it up this time, the chicken was on point! It has 3 breaded chicken breasts with mash potatoes and green beans, and a side of lemon honey sauce. Grand Lux needs to package the sauce and sell it separately! 

Fried Chicken - Grand Lux Cafe

For the finale, I normally would have gotten the beignets, key lime pie, or a slice of cheesecake, but since I was sharing, I let the hubby decide, and we got the warm brownie sundae. It wasn’t a bad choice. I could have did without the nuts, and they could have given more brownie to balance the amount of ice cream, fudge and caramel sauce, and whip cream. There’s also a side of Jack Daniels Crème Anglaise. You can never go wrong with anything that has Jack Daniels. The dessert was delish and we gave it the smackdown! 

I promise myself that I will not wait as long to visit again!

Warm Brownie Sundae - Grand Lux Cafe

Grand Lux Café

Downtown Chicago – Magnificent Mile
600 N Michigan Avenue At Ontario
Chicago, IL 60611

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