This Plus Size Butt of Mine is Expensive


Between clothes, chairs, at-home exercise equipment, and of course food; when I look over the past few years living a plus size lifestyle, I’ve been spending a lot of money just to be comfortable.

My mother likes to share this story of my childhood, and it just tickles her pink.

“Angela, I remember when you were a baby, your grandmother says, I think that baby’s diaper needs to be changed; and I tell her, no that’s Angela’s butt!”     

Well, this natural big butt of mine has gotten bigger over the years and it’s costing me a lot of freaking money.  First of all, because of my body dimensions, I have to purchase much larger pants. If I had money like Oprah, I would get a tailor to customize all of my pants. I can’t fit clothes at stores like Akira, H&M, or Banana Republic. I typically purchase plus size clothes at stores like Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, Avenue, Old Navy Plus, Torrid, or Eloqui, but none of these stores have pants that cover my entire butt.  When I buy two sizes larger, I have to wear a belt to keep them from falling off of me. Oh and let’s not talk about lingerie. I have these beautiful camisoles and corsets, but what am I supposed to do with these little panties and thongs, they’re gonna get lost! Purchasing plus size clothes from stores, including online, can be pretty costly – $5-10 more per item; at the very least the pants should fit me correctly!

Yeah, that’s not me…

Traveling with a big butt can be costly too. According to a George Washington University study, it can cost me $36 per year for gasoline. That’s because usually, plus-size individuals tend to purchase larger cars, and the extra weight causes vehicles to work harder – which means more gas!

Recently I had my first experience with first-class seating on United Airlines.  It was a short trip, so I didn’t get the full first-class experience you see on television when the passengers are eating steak and lobster while the passengers in economy are eating a bag of pretzels. The one hour flight with an upgrade to first class cost me an additional $175, but it was worth it.  The seats were wider and more comfortable. Generally, if you are a plus-size passenger on a plane, you have the fear of not being able to follow the airline’s rule of putting the arm rest down between your seat and the next passenger’s seat. Sitting in first-class on a full flight I didn’t have that problem. Plus I brought my own seat belt extender (does not work on Southwest), and I didn’t have to worry about the airline not having any extras, and the flight attendant running out and telling me, “Um ma’am, I’m so sorry, but you have to be removed from this plane”! 

Having a wide butt can be embarrassing in the wrong situation, for instance getting stuck in the turnstiles at the bus station, or having that hot ass print that’s left on a vinyl chair when you get up.  Even more embarrassing is when you are at work in a meeting, but the office has these small ass chairs! Like what’s up with this?  I call it butt discrimination. Like, I know there are some other plus-size people working in this building, we live in Chicago and we like to eat.  Let’s get some bigger chairs in this office!

Leave a comment below if you’ve had some costly big butt issues too!


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