Old Habits Not Renewed in 2019


As 2019 approaches, I’ve been reflecting on a few things that happened to me personally during 2018. It’s a good way to start as I think about making a New Year’s resolution.

  • My first grandson was born healthy and experience his first Christmas this year!
  • I saw Justin Timberlake for the 2nd time during the Man of the Woods tour.
  • It was my 2nd time seeing Jay-Z and Beyonce on stage together during the On the Run II tour. Now I’ve seen Jay-Z five times and Beyonce three times total!
  • I traveled to Cancun with my mom. It was our first mom and daughter trip!
  • I ventured downtown and ate at Latinicity inside Block 37 with my husband and sister-in-law for lunch.
  • I ate at the LobsterFest at Navy Pier!
  • I finally saw a show at the Kit Kat Lounge in Boystown!
  • I worked with LaRoyce Hawkins for the 2nd time for a charity event at my job, and I didn’t look like a fool chatting it up with him!

Through all of these good experiences, I did have a few things that prompted me to make some changes. One issue is not in my control and may require surgery, but I’ll find out more about that in a few weeks. The other is my weight. In the bio of this blog I state that I’ve been struggling with my weight for years, and there haven’t been any significant changes. I do have a hormone issue that affects it, but I know I can overcome it. Last, I need to make a decision about this digital marketing career. Do I want to keep freelancing? Do I want to work for another employer? Do I want to switch careers entirely? So many things can happen for the new year.

I was listening to Sonya Blakey on V103 this morning, and she said something that I’ve heard many times, but it struck home today.

“Take each day and each problem one day at a time.”

No promises and resolutions for me this new year. Just knowing these are 3 things that will need to be tackled this year. Creating a strategy with objectives, measurable goals, and tasks to complete. Setting a reminder on my calendar and phone to check in with myself and monitor my progress on a weekly basis.

That’s all that I can do. 2019 is promising! Happy New Year to me!

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