Foodie Review: Soulé Chicago


Finally! I have experienced Soulé Chicago! I first heard about this restaurant about 5 years ago, but it was news about the West Town location on 1931 W. Chicago Avenue.  All good news, except the lack of parking, which kept me from venturing out to taste the great soul food from this boutique restaurant. 

In late October 2022, the owner, Bridgette Flagg, opened a second location in North Lawndale.  To celebrate my mom’s birthday, I took a 1/2 day PTO, and made an afternoon reservation.

First of all, because it was a weekday afternoon, there was plenty of parking and available tables. The patrons ahead of me had made reservations too. 

The interior design is welcoming, spacious and has a very sleek vibe. All the food was very delicious and with nice size portions. We got the BBQ Jerk Chicken Wings, Fried Green Tomatoes, Honey Drizzled Fried Chicken, Mac and Cheese, Collard Greens, and Sweet Potatoes. 

There were only two things that were disappointing and that could just be because of my own preferences.

First, there was the non-alcoholic version of the Soulé Punch.  I asked the server what was it made of, and they specifically told me that it was the mixture of the lemonade, fruit punch, and sweet tea. Well, when I tasted it, I swear I was drinking weak strawberry kool-aid.  There was no “umph” to the drink… no ginger beer added, no frozen fruit – nothing to make you think, “this great drink is matching my great meal I’m smacking on!”  

Soulé Punch - Soulé Chicago
Soulé Punch

Second, I took home a dessert, because I was full.  I asked for the Warm Butter Pound Cake with Rum Drizzle. Normally, if I was to have eaten this in the restaurant, I would have added the scoop of vanilla ice cream that comes with, but I opted out.  However, when I got home, the slice I received was so small. Thankfully, I had checked my receipt and learned that I hadn’t been charge at all, which it’s normally $11 – thank God! But let me tell you, that slice that I did have – I enjoyed every single crumb!

Warm Butter Pound Cake with Rum Drizzle - Soulé Chicago
Warm Butter Pound Cake with Rum Drizzle

This restaurant is a shiny bright light for the North Lawndale community. I really hope that it does well and continues to prosper, as well as bring more great businesses to the area. 

Soulé 2 Chicago
North Lawndale
3615 W. Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60624

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