Foodie Review: Las Adelitas Mexican Restaurant


At the start of 2023, I set a resolution to visit one “new-to-me” Mexican restaurants each month. Meaning, the restaurant may have been around for decades, but it’s the first time I’ve eaten there. 

Weekly, the hubby and I get tacos from our favorite local neighborhood joint, Maravillas, in Hyde Park. Although it’s delish, I wanted to mix-in another location to spice up the tastebuds. 

The first location on the list is Las Adelitas in Bridgeport.  We visited on a Wednesday night around 7pm, and it was pretty low-key quiet. We were the only patrons, until 8pm when at least 7 tables were full. 

Flavor-wise, the restaurant had a few twists on the traditional latin-fare. We ate shrimp empanadas, pork belly tacos, carne asada burrito and steak and chicken fajitas. Las Adelitas was a great start to our Mexican-food journey.

Las Adelitas Mexican Restaurant
3355 S. Morgan Street
Chicago, IL 60608


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