Foodie Review: Weekday Breakfast at Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe


I recently visited the Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe at the Water Tower location at 196 E. Pearson Street, Chicago, IL. I’ve been wanting to go to Wildberry for a couple of years. My youngest daughter used to work for Postmates food delivery service and would tell me every time she would pick up an order from the Randolph location (Prudential Plaza), there was always a huge line out the door. Needless to say, I had visited their website and viewed all the delicious items, but I was so disappointed because I don’t do long food lines. There were even suggestions to use an online waiting list. Are you kidding me? I love the convenience, but that’s insane!

During the summer, I was traveling to Woodfield Mall, and low and behold there was a Wildberry restaurant, but it was evening and the restaurant was closed. Crap!

A few weeks ago I planned to have a staycation in Chicago. Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe was on the top of my list of things to do while I was off work.

I decided to go on a Tuesday morning, while everyone was at work. It was the best decision ever! There were no lines and tons of seats available at the new Chicago Water Tower location. 

TIP: If you go to the Water Tower location, it’s directly past the Ritz-Carlton on Pearson Street.  My husband and I had walked the entire 1st floor inside the Water Tower, and then outside and around the corner and back towards the parking garage and the Broadway Playhouse, and past the Ritz-Carlton before we finally saw the restaurant.  Yup! I was like, “We need better signage people”!

There were so many choices and I wanted it all. My husband made a quick decision and got the “Create your own signature omelet” and a cinnamon roll specialty pancake. I decided to get the Denver Sizzlin’ Skillet. It’s normally served with toast or pancakes, but I decided to substitute the regular pancakes for a specialty pancake for $2 more. The specialty pancake I chose was the “Signature Berry Bliss”! 

The skillet had hash browns, cheddar and jack cheese, plus 2 eggs, ham, bell peppers and onions. I wish they added more ham, or made the chunks bigger. I should have gotten a side of bacon. The Signature Berry Bliss pancake was a great experience for my taste buds. It has blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries; plus there was a sauce that tasted like mascarpone cheese with raspberries. It was simply delish!

After my food experience, I had to walk off some of the calories. Back inside the Water Tower Place, I stopped by the Lego store. There was a cool exhibit of the Chicago skyline.

The Art of Dr. Seuss Art Gallery - Water Tower Place Chicago

Across the way was something even cooler, The Art of Dr. Seuss Art Gallery. What an experience. I didn’t take photos because it’s artwork, but you should definitely check out their Instagram profile. There’s also some erotica that was not a part of my childhood.  I was definitely surprised! 😂


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