Bathrooms are Not One Size Fits All


Updated: Monday, December 10, 2018

Yesterday, I was at a fundraising event for my job at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Illinois. While I was there, I had to use the bathroom. First of all, I hate using public bathrooms, but I psyched myself up because it was a brand new constructed area, and I automatically thought I would not have a “scary” experience.

Why were the bathroom stalls long, but the width was small as hell?!
And I’m not disabled, so I’m not using the handicapped stall!

Once I got home, I talked about it with my husband, and he says, “I know you’re gonna write them a letter”. And I was like, “you’re damn right I’m gonna write them a letter”!

Well tonight I wrote the letter. I hope to receive a satisfying response from Woodfield Mall or the Simon Property Group.


I was recently at your facility for an event that was located in the new dining hall at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL. Because the event was from 4am11pm that evening, I used the women’s bathroom in the dining area. The bathrooms seemed new, but for some reason, the doors in several stalls did not close properly. As soon as you close the door, it would pop open because the locking mechanism didn’t work. This was happening with several stalls. Plus the toilet was far away from the door, so you couldn’t hold the door close, you had to use the bathroom with the door cracked. Last, I do not sit on the seats in public bathrooms, and because I’m plus size, I had to maneuver my legs sideways to use the toilet. The menstrual trash can was up against one leg while the toilet paper holder was on the other leg. Reminder: I couldn’t close the door! It was a very uncomfortable situation; and again, several times, because I was there for an event from 4am11pm!

Someone at the mall needs to fix the doors! Damn at least test them!

On Monday, December 10th I received a response from Simon Mall.

…We regret to hear that you found our restroom in the Dining Pavilion in an unacceptable condition and experienced issues with multiple stall doors. We will address your concern, and we hope to welcome you back to Woodfield Mall soon.
Thank you again for taking the time to contact us with your concerns. We listen closely to our customer feedback in an effort to continuously improve your shopping experience. 

We appreciate your patronage. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions…

It’s definitely a reasonable response.  I was more surprised that they contacted me so quickly. Unfortunately, it does not solve the problem of having larger bathrooms for plus size people

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