Foodie Review: Carbón Live Fire Mexican Grill


It’s May 23rd and I’ve made it another year on this Earth. Every year, there’s usually nothing to do. Either because it’s raining or super cold. This year is different, it’s close to 70 degrees and the sun is shining bright! My husband and I always take the day off for each other’s birthday. To celebrate, we’re going to the Harry Potter exhibit at the lakefront, then to Carbón for lunch, and last the Sugar Shack for dessert!

After driving around the Museum campus, we finally found the exhibit, but we have to wait an hour. As a part of the afternoon special, they want $40 per person to walk around to see relics from the show – no short live performances. I liked Hamilton, but the exhibit for me wasn’t worth $80. That would be like paying $80 as a Chicago resident to go to the Field Museum. I don’t think so – maybe if I was a tourist. Well, it wasn’t a wasted trip because at least I was able to see our city’s skyline without tons of people out. Since it’s a weekday, most people are at work.  

Birthday Celebrations

On to Carbón.  My husband has talked about this place for years. He often goes there for dinner while at work. He’s told me they’re pricey, but it’s okay because the food is good.  Well I must say, he’s correct.  I got a steak and chicken burrito salad bowl and he got the steak burrito.  They make their own salsas, but the roasted red pepper is my favorite because it’s a creamy chipotle sauce. The burrito salad bowl comes in a fried flour shell, which has always been a favorite; Chipotle needs to step up their game!

Carbón Live Fire Mexican Grill

300 W. 26th Street
Chicago, IL 60616

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