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Like everyone, I have been couped up in the house for over the year – until May when I had to return to work 4 days a week. If you didn’t already know, sitting in Chicago traffic for 2 1/2 hours per day is not fun. And making time for oneself can be a little more challenging after dealing with traffic exhaustion. However, I have been attempting to meet up with friends and family members and stepping out of my comfort zone of being an extrovert and sitting at home.  Recently I was invited to a family friend’s birthday celebration at Tavern on LaGrange, and I’m so glad I had a chance to experience so much fun!

Tavern on LaGrange has an expansive weekend brunch menu with great live entertainment.  Brunch includes the normal items like French Toast on brioche bread, Chicken and Waffles, and Breakfast Quesadillas, but they have items that just kick things up a few notches. For instance, Jerk Mac with Chicken and Shrimp, Lobster Lollipop, and Pineapple Cheesecake. 

Tavern on Lagrange - Chicken Wing Platter
Tavern on Lagrange – Chicken Wing Platter
Tavern on Lagrange - Lobster Lollipops
Tavern on Lagrange – Lobster Lollipops

The band that was there were great, along with the two singers that performed.  Apparently they’ve had some celebrity performances too, including Gladys Knight, Kindred The Family Soul, and the Hamiltones. The event calendar on the Tavern on LaGrange website has acts on most nights.

The location is on the busy street, and it’s nearly impossible to find parking in the area because of residential parking restrictions. I paid $12 for valet, and received a notification/confirmation via text.  When I was ready to leave, my car was brought to me very quickly.

If you’re ever in the Western Suburbs, Tavern on Lagrange is a great spot for groups. If it’s a first-time date, I would advise against it, because the music is pretty loud and its very hard to have a conversation – that’s if you’re trying to get to know the person. 

Tavern on LaGrange

Western Suburbs
5403 S. Lagrange Road
Countryside, IL 60525

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