Foodie Review: Azul 18 Pilsen


Azul 18, not to be confused with Azul Mariscos is a great brunch spot in the Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. I’ve added this location as a part of the 2024 Brunch Challenge, which is a goal I gave myself earlier in the year – visiting a brunch location at least once a month. Azul 18 is the third brunch location for the year. 

I visited on a Sunday morning, and there was plenty of street parking available. The restaurant has about 30 tables, but the table spacing is pretty tight, so if you have big hips like me, you’ll be comfy seating on the bench seats, but squeeze your body in between the tables and be careful not to hit the patron sitting next to you!

The menus has some classic items like waffles and pancakes, but their Mexican entrees are tasteful.  Everything was good and I would definitely go back! We tried the following: 

  • Orange Strawberry Kiwi Juice
  • Mexican Beignets with Raspberry Jam and Nutella
  • Mexican Omelette with Refried Beans
  • Short Stack of Pancakes
  • Chilaquiles with Braised Short Ribs, Eggs, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Pico de Gallo, Queso and Hominy 

Azul 18
1236 W. 18th Street
Chicago, IL 60608




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