Foodie Review: Tom’s Steak House


Tom’s Steak House, located in Chicago’s West Suburban city, Melrose Park, has been in the neighborhood since 1952. They’re known for the steaks and seafood.  Although it’s in Melrose Park, it has the classic Chicago steak house vibe.

Today was my first time visiting amongst friends.  The entry and dining space is very welcoming.  By the way, if you are looking to plan a private event, there is a really large event space at the main entry.   

We started the gathering with drinks, Saganaki that’s lighted table-side, and the most amazing soup of the day which was Chicken and Rice. I could have dined on both of those all day!

Tom's Steak House

Tom's Steak House - Saganaki
Tom's Steak House - Chicken and Rice Soup
Chicken and Rice Soup

From my understanding, all the meats and seafood are charbroiled. As I had a lot of red meat and seafood earlier in the week, I decided to taste the bbq ribs.  Anywhere I go, I do my best to get the ribs without the sauce, so that I can taste the flavor behind it. These were baby back and it seemed like there was a lot of black pepper, salt and garlic powder – nothing additional like brown sugar, cajun seasoning, or chili powder. In this case the bbq sauce was definitely helpful. It was very tangy and delicious.  Now that I’ve tried it, the next time I visit and get the ribs again, I’ll taste it while the sauce is baked on. 

A few of my friends dined on Tom’s Steak House burger and prime rib. They all had good things to say. No complaints. 

Tom's Steak House - That Famous Tom's Burger
That Famous Tom’s Burger
Tom's Steak House - Queen Cut Prime Rib
Queen Cut Prime Rib

I was too full to eat dessert at the restaurant, but I brought home a slice of the carrot cake.  Wow, that was super amazing. It was a very decent portion, but I could have easily and greedily eaten two slices! 

Tom's Steak House - Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake

I would give Tom’s Steak House 4 out of 5 stars. I would like to see a few more cuts of beef and seafood in the entree selection. Tom’s has ample parking and accepts online reservations.

Tom’s Steak House
1901 W. North Avenue
Melrose Park, IL 60160

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