Eppel’s Restaurant

It’s rare that I’m in the downtown area of Chicago, but when I do go, I usually like to visit a restaurant that has good food, convenient, and has cheap parking. Eppel’s Restaurant is all of that. Today was possibly my third visit to the location, and I was determined to get a Belgium waffle. It was also July 29th – National Chicken Wing Day, which means one of my favorite combos was about to take place – Chicken and Waffles. I know a lot of people think it’s weird, but for me the combo works perfectly!

Belgium Waffles - Eppel's Restaurant

I got there around 10:45am, and the restaurant did have a few patrons, but there was tons of seating available. The hostess tells me to sit wherever I want.  The waiter came right away and took my order. One of the things that I noticed – which I really didn’t pay attention to before, was the proximity of the kitchen and wait staff to the dining area. The waiters and waitresses were older and loud, however, I was enjoying their “private” conversation. It was like I was in Boston on an episode of Cheers, but instead of a bar it’s a restaurant. 

Anyway, this place has a massive breakfast and lunch menu. There’s lot of comfort and southern foods like liver and onions, baked meatloaf, salmon patties, and lox.  They even have a salami omelette and a bologna omelette. I’m not adventurous enough to try those out.

If you’re ever in the South Loop area, you should check it out. 


554 Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60607

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