Grand Lux Café

It’s a few weeks before Valentine’s Day, and my husband asks where I would like to eat so he can make reservations. The exciting part about Valentine’s Day is this year it’s on a Thursday. My husband is off work on Wednesdays, and we can celebrate without worrying about the extra crowds! I quickly blurt out, “I want to go to the Grand Lux Café”! 

Weekday Breakfast at Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe

I recently visited the Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe at the Water Tower location at 196 E. Pearson Street, Chicago, IL. I’ve been wanting to go to Wildberry for a couple of years. My youngest daughter used to work for Postmates food delivery service and would tell me every time she would pick up an order from the Randolph location (Prudential Plaza), there was always a huge line out the door. Needless to say, I had visited their website and viewed all the delicious items, but I was so disappointed because I don’t do long food lines. There were even suggestions to use an online waiting list. Are you kidding me? I love the convenience, but that’s insane!

Chinese Food – Oh How I Adore You

Anyone who truly knows me should be aware that I am down for Chinese food once a week. Heck you can include Vietnamese and Thai food too! Between the sauces, flavors and cooking styles, you could literally have a different meal every day. In fact, when I go on vacation, I’m usually on the hunt for the area’s best Asian spot on Yelp. For instance, my husband and I took a 3-day trip to St. Louis. By the way, if you are visiting St. Louis, stay at the St. Louis Union Station Hotel (Curio Collection by Hilton).  It’s a gorgeous hotel with a lot of amenities and activities!

Our Family Road Trip and Some Black History

In 2015, we took a family road trip to Texas to see my niece graduate from high school.  Half-way through the trip, we stopped in Memphis, Tennesee to take a break, and to do a little sightseeing before getting back on the road. During our visit, my family and I walked on Beale Street to hear the sounds of the blues. We also ate great southern cooking from both Charles Vergo’s Rendezvous and Gus’s Fried Chicken